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I am fortunate to meet amazing people while getting to do what I love. I’ve included a few recent testimonials from clients and colleagues that spoke to me very much:

Very recent transplants from the mid-west we had the pleasure of working with Steve. Steve did a great job of taking our criteria and picking out potential houses for us. He also did a great job of opening our eyes to new neighborhoods and parts of the city we were not familiar with and had not originally been looking in. When we finally found our house a lot of the details were worked out long distance and Steve was incredibly helpful and prompt helping us get everything lined up. We have, and continue to, highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to purchase a house in the Portland area. – Michelle & Matt Tegenkamp


My experience with Steve Strode, both as a buyer’s and seller’s agent was absolutely fantastic. Steve is extremely knowledgeable of his markets and actively seeks to match that expertise with the needs of his clients. I found Steve to be both an excellent listener and communicator, which enabled him to keep up with the details, yet still be efficient in our coordination efforts. In addition, Steve has superb interpersonal skills which made the overall experience a very pleasant one. I cannot recommend him enough! I can say this with absolutely zero reservation as we have teamed together three times now! – Darren Fortney


I hired Steve to help me find, vet and purchase my first home. He is flexible, accommodating my work schedule to meet and to visit houses. He is a good listener, and followed my lead when I told him what I was looking for. He’s extremely friendly, good-natured and easy-going, all qualities that made working with Steve a pleasant, even fun, experience. I trusted Steve to help me make this major financial decision, and he continued to earn it during and after the purchase. I endorse and recommend Steve to first-time buyers and people with experience who are looking for a real estate professional. – Joshua Feyen


I’ve known Steve for several years and have helped him with his various marketing strategies for his real estate team and individual property marketing activities. Steve always came to the table with an open mind and looked for marketing/promotion opportunities as they were presented. I don’t remember a time when we weren’t laughing and having a good time while being productive and cutting edge. His successful career track is evident and I recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. You won’t be disappointed. – MJ Beckman, Marketing Director

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