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This week’s featured destination is Mexico, and more specifically, Merida and the Mayan Riveria on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here is quick overview. I also have a handout that I can send, as well as connect you with an outstanding referral partner who lives and works in the area.

  1. Why consider Mexico? Mexico is the United States’ closest neighbor to the south. At no other time in our long histories have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparent. Mexico has it all: rich culture, excellent climate, afforadable living, and not to mention an amazing topography – from mountains, to deserts, to ocean beaches.
  2. What about the economy? With its growing GDP, a higher level of direct investment than any other Latin country, and a current political climate that is more pluralistic and open to investment than any other time of the past seven decades, the risk vs. reward scenario is extremely favorable.
  3. Are there incentives to invest in Mexico? While the government does not offer any direct incentives for buying real estate, there are benefits to be realized. For example, property taxes are miniscule in Mexico when compared to most of the United States and Canada. And, sellers may be exempted from paying capital gains taxes on the sale if they can prove they resided in the property for at least six months.
  4. Is financing available? Every year, more and more financing sources are becoming available to U.S. and Canadian residents through both U.S. and Mexican banks. Contact us to be connected to a professional that matches your needs.
  5. Where are popular retirement destinations in Mexico?  Merida, with its sidewalk cafes, tree-lined streets, and fresh-paint look, is Yucatan’s best-kept secret. Just a half hour from the Gulf-coast beaches, the city of 800,000 is a center of commerce and home to universities, hospitals, friendly locals, and beautiful colonial homes – at a fraction of the cost of other “discovered” enclaves. There is a small expat community who maintains a well-equipped English-language library, and hosts monthly get-togethers. All good and services are readily available as one would expect to find in similarly-sized cities in the U.S. and Canada. The Riviera Maya, is the stretch of Caribbean coastline that runs from Cancun to Tulum. This area is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. There are several intriguing towns along the coast, including Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen. Akumal, and Tulum. Playa del Carmen is now the fastest-growing destination in the state of Quintana Roo.

If you dream of Mexico, or any other area throughout Latin America, please contact me first. It all starts with an initial conversation and a plan, and I love connecting people to other professionals who can help make your dreams happen.



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