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This week’s featured real estate destination is Belize. English-speaking, eco-conscious, stable, and conveniently reached from the United States, Belize is a popular first choice for many.

Here is a quick run-down of common FAQ’s:

  1. Are there any restriction on foreign ownership? No, foreigners receive the full bundle of rights of property ownership.
  2. What type of residency options exist? Several options are available: after a year, one can apply to become a resident. Following three years of residency, one then can apply to become a citizen. Another option for retirees is to apply for the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), which have a number of minimal requirements to ensure applicants are able to suppport themselves as retirees (my referral colleage is a registered agent for this process too).
  3. What are some popular areas for investors? Popular areas include San Ignacio (famous for its historical ruins), and San Pedro island (with its amazing barrier reef). Property prices in San Ignacio area are substantially lower than on the island.
  4. What are typical prices ranges in those areas? Lot prices in San Ignacio run $5,000 – $25,000 depending on presence of utilities; home prices start as little as $110,000. On San Pedro, condo prices can begin in the $140,000 range, with detached single family homes upwards of $275,000 USD.
  5. What are typical flying times? Belize can be reached in just over two hours from Houston. From where I live in Portland, Oregon, Houston is about a 4 hour 30 minute flight.

I have an amazing referral partner who lives in Belize, who abides by the same code of ethics and standards of care as a REALTOR in the United States. She blends professionalism and fun perfectly. Please let us know if we can help.


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