State-by-State International Business Reports


Please contact me if you would like either or both of the following reports. I can email them to you in .pdf format at no charge/no obligation:

“The 2009 NAR Profile of International Home Buying Activity” and “Business Data for Engaging in International Real Estate Transactions in Oregon.” I can obtain the second report for any state plus District of Columbia.


International transactions are of increasing importance. In calendar year 2008, the U.S. exported $1.15 Trillion of goods and $0.5 Trillion of services; and the U.S. imported $1.97 Trillion of goods and $0.378 Trillion of services. With the expansion of international trade, the flow of people across borders has also increased rapidly, and, therefore, the demand for real estate in both residential and commercial sectors in conjunction with international transactions has been on the rise. NAR has recently issued state-by-state reports on international transactions.

The purpose of the current state-by-state reports is to present recent economic and demographic data related to international business activity directly associated with each of the states. There are 51 reports—one per state and for the District of Columbia. State specific demographic and economic data are available in each state report on a variety of topics:

  • Population demographics: U.S. born, foreign born, naturalized, and non-U.S. citizen residents
  • Main languages spoken in households
  • Immigration and naturalization trends
  • Non-immigrant visitors to the state
  • Foreign direct investment in the U.S. and the specific state
  • Value of state exports by type of product
  • State exports to specific trading partner counties

The current report is one of a number of recently released NAR reports on international subjects. The previously released 2009 NAR Profile of International Home Buying Activity presented an overview of U.S. home purchases by people whose primary residence is outside of the U.S.

Reprinted from, January, 2010, permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.