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Press Release

<<<For Immediate Release>>>

Portland, Oregon. March 28, 2011.

Steve Strode was installed to FIABCI-USA’s Board of Directors, during the organization’s Spring Business Meetings in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in 1948, FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation), is based in Paris and is comprised of chapters in over 60 countries worldwide.  FIABCI-USA is the only international real estate organization representing the entire spectrum of the real estate industry in the United States.  FIABCI also maintains an NGO (non-governmental) Consultative Status within the United Nations.  Steve is currently a broker with Meadows Group Inc., Realtors®, in Portland. He is also the current Advisory Board Chair of the International Business Council at the Oregon Association of Realtors®.

For more information, please visit, or contact, phone 503-490-4116


A picture is worth…

…about $5.7 Billion!

I took this picture during the Washington D.C. Embassy Briefings at the Canadian Embassy awhile back. To underscore how important Canada is to the United States economy, they have posted a US map with various statistics for all 50 states.  The “1” indicates that Canada is Oregon’s largest trading partner.

I work  directly with a number of real estate professionals throughout Canada, too, so please let me know if I can help.

International real estate, in our backyard


I just returned from our FIABCI Spring Business Meetings in Alexandria, VA, and as always the meetings proved to be both educational and great business. A quick recap….

Most of my clients and friends know that I work in the international real estate market, but not all know how that applies directly to my business right here in Portland. It’s simple – while all real estate is local, to be truly effective we have to operate on the global stage.

Consider this:
1. Trade between the United States and Canada (our largest trading partner) is at the rate of over $1,000,000 per minute.
2. Closer to home, Oregon and Canada trade $16,000,000 in goods daily – and bilateral trade supports 88,750 jobs in Oregon.
(source for both, Canadian Embassy briefing, Washington DC, March 26, 2010).

How does this affect a local seller of real estate?

While all sellers expect their property to go on the MLS and the broker’s website – unique, high-end and investment properties need more. Much more. This is where FIABCI members can offer a seller a tremendous competitive advantage over every other broker.

  • FIABCI members are members of Proxio, a global MLS exchange for practitioners who work with international clients.
  • We can broadcast messages directly to FIABCI members around the globe to announce our special properties. This is supply and demand at work; I can maximize the supply of potential buyers.
  • At each business meeting, we can promote our featured listings to brokers from around the world – FACE to FACE. In the age of social media, we all know that face to face networking still yields the best results.

Prior to the meetings, many of us also attended a class on Global Real Estate that was conducted by a visiting professor from University of Denver. We were reminded that the United State is still considered the best real estate market in the world, so it is key to promote our local market outside our backyard.

So, as the U.S. continues to attract global real estate buyers, I will do my part to make sure that Oregon is on the world’s radar!

Thursday | International Destination

Many of us know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who owns property in higher-profile foreign destinations – such as Mexico and Costa Rica. In fact, hundred of thousands of North Americans already own property outside the U.S., and the numbers will only increase.  I plan to feature both established and up-and-coming destinations.  I will only write about countries that place no restrictions (or limited – such as a fideicomiso in Mexico) on foreign ownership.

This week it’s Ecuador!


Atacames is located on the Pacific coast, less than 400km from the Quito, Ecuador’s capital. It’s a small beach town popular with vacationers from Quito and nearby Columbia. A good friend of mine and real estate agent owns a condo on the beach, so if you’re want to check things out this is an affordable way to go; we can connect you with a reputable broker in the area as well.  More popular cities for North Americans are Cuencas and Salinas; most foreign buyers are from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Here’s a view from the balcony. I can send you more pictures and full details if you’d like.


Homebuying basics

  • New construction average is <$90 per square foot,
  • Cost effective way for Americans concerned about outliving their retirement assets,
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership,
  • No Multiple Listing Service; hire reputable agent  (I can refer you, just ask),
  • Transactions are still mostly cash, as in many destinations.

This is intended as just a very brief overview, and of course is not intended as legal advice.  Real estate transactions can be especially complex outside the United States, as customs and laws vary from country to country. As a member of FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation), I can connect you to skill professionals worldwide. FIABCI has members representing the entire real estate spectrum, and we’re passionate about the world of international real estate. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have any destinations you’d like me to feature, please email me at or call +1.503.490.4116.

Highlights from New York


FIABCI meeting

Last week was the annual reception and meeting at the United Nations for members of FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation). FIABCI maintains a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN, the top ranking of any non-governmental organization.

In addition to being a networking event, we enjoyed a presentation by Michael P. Buckley on “Seven Transition Waves in the Midst of Crisis.” Mr. Buckley is the Director at Columbia University’s Center for High Density Development (CHDD). Two topics especially spoke to me:

1. Clustering – Cities that will thrive and lead in the 21st Century will be clusters of similar types of businesses. As Portland has built – and continues to build upon – its reputation for  being a center of green technology and industry, we will be a leading cluster in this arena. This bodes well for our future.

2. High Density Development – High density development is key to remaining a leading city in the 21st Century.  Mr. Buckley presented some CHDD-inspired case study scenarios for developments in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Harlem, New York City; Coney Island, New York City, among others. Here too, Portland is a leader. We’re fortunate to live in one of the few areas of the country with Urban Growth Boundaries, which maximize urban development and makes intermodal transportaion options more feasible.

United Nations Tour

We had an impressive tour of the United Nations and enjoyed some private remarks regarding the Global Housing Foundation (launched by FIABCI in 1999 in partnership with the UN). We take for granted our property rights in this country. However, it is estimated that one billion people live in slums. And worldwide, only 1% of property is owned by women.

From the GHF’s mission:

“Private-public partnerships like that of Global Housing Foundation are crucial to addressing and solving these catastrophic, imminent problems. For this reason, the United Nations, through its UN-HABITAT Human Settlements Program, has embraced Global Housing Foundation as a powerful model for slum-improvement programs. Global Housing Foundation is considered an official partner to the United Nations’ global housing efforts. In 2007 GHF teamed up with Merrill Lynch to create the world’s first international “Micro Mortgage” program.”

I look foward to learning more about the GHF,  and appreciate that FIABCI takes a leading role so that I may become involved. If you would like more information about any of the above, please contact me at, or call 503-490-4116.

Thank you for your business. Your support enables me to be active in groups that truly make a difference.

Proxio – A valuable new listing service


“All markets are local” is a phrase often used by the National Association of Realtors during our Public Awareness Campaigns. This is very true, and it underscores the need to contact a local market professional before buying or selling real estate.

However, when it comes to selling your home, your Realtor’s marketing plan should include promoting your property as far and wide as possible. As a member of FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation), I am excited to announce we have partnered with Proxioa truly international MLS. Plus, the agents who belong to both FIABCI and Proxio specialize in working with global clients.

I can list your property on Proxio at no added cost, and give you a competitive edge in a very competitive market. Please call me if you’re thinking about buying or selling. It all starts with an initial conversation and a plan.

I’m going to the United Nations!


As a member of FIABCI (the International Real Estate Federation), I am fortunate to network, share ideas, and learn from some of the best in the business globally. Founded 60 years ago, FIABCI is based in Paris and has chapters in 65 countries; FIABCI-USA is the only real estate organization to represent the entire spectrum of the industry in the United States.

FIABCI also maintains a Special Consultative Status with the United Nations, and I am excited to be the only Realtor from Oregon who is attending this event on October 22nd.